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Charles Reado 

Acting Executive Director

Beverly A. Jordan portrait

Charles Reado 

Deputy Director

Charles Reado grew up in the small southern town of Alexandria, Louisiana. He is the twelfth sibling of thirteen brothers and sisters. He is married to Lynda of 21 years and they have 4 adult children combined and 5 grandchildren. He moved to New Mexico, “The Land of Enchantment” in 1987. He attended college at TVI now CNM then transferred to New Mexico Highlands University where he earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work. He later went back to graduate school at the University of Phoenix and received a MBA (Masters in Business Administration).

 Most of his adult life has been dedicated to a career of public service, while leveraging his knowledge, skills and abilities to improve the lives of children, families, and communities. As a marine, he took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. As a law enforcement officer, he took an oath to protect and serve the community. As a firefighter, he took a pledge to demonstrate concern for the safety and welfare of all others in need. As a social worker for CYFD, he pledged to improve the quality of life for all the children in New Mexico. Likewise, as the new Deputy Director for the State Office of African American Affairs, he pledges to be transparent, truthful, and committed to be your advocate and voice for change.

Gene Hudson portrait

Gene Hudson

Budget Analyst

Gene is currently positioned as a Budget Analyst for the New Mexico Office of African American Affairs. He has called New Mexico home all his life. His father Gene Sr. retired here from active military service in the Air Force. He is second oldest of four siblings. Gene is a proud father of three children. He is a graduate of Manzano High School.  He has received his certificate in Business Administration from CNM in 2023 and is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Gene’s work experience within the State agencies have included New Mexico Retiree Healthcare Agency and General Services Division. He has over 20 years of experience in budget and finance work. Gene also has worked as a supervisor for Patient Care Advocates in the healthcare industry.  As the Budget Analyst for the State Office of African American Affairs, he pledges to be transparent, truthful, and committed his internal and external customers. Gene is excited to continue his public service is eager to serve the African American community in New Mexico.

Beverly A. Jordan portrait

Cecilia Carrillo

Business Operations Specialist

Cecilia J. Carrillo is a New Mexico native raised in Albuquerque.  She is the third sibling of two sisters and one brother.  She lives with her Fiancé Richard and their two teenage sons. She attended grade school in the South Valley and graduated from Rio Grande High School and went on to attend courses with CNM.

Cecilia has worked in public service for over 25 years and has a strong background in working with a diverse and underserved community.  She previously was the Mental Health Liaison with Second Judicial Children Court and worked at University of New Mexico Hospital as a Patient Care Coordinator.  As the new Office Manager, she is committed to helping New Mexicans find resources needed to have a better quality of life and is excited to serve the African American community.  

Beverly A. Jordan portrait

Charlycia Strain

Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Charlycia Strain grew up in South Side Jamaica Queens, New York. She is the sixth sibling of ten brothers and sisters. She moved to New Mexico in 2005 after completing her first year in college. Charlycia describes her move as a pivotal moment in her life. A time when she discovered how she wanted to exist personally and professionally. Charlycia experienced homelessness for several months while trying to get settled. Charlycia states, “Someone had to help me or else I couldn’t get out of it.” Charlycia began volunteering around New Mexico with domestic abuse centers, gang intervention units, local churches, early childhood development centers, and before and after school centers with her new stability. Charlycia says that she wanted to serve the community because she realized how hard it was to get help when she was homeless, and now she wants to help.

Charlycia has completed two Associate’s degrees from Central New Mexico (CNM) and is scheduled to graduate with her BSW in Social work from Highlands University in 2023. Charlycia has worked as the Children’s Coordinator at Passion Church, as administrative director at Children’s Choice, youth care specialist at NM Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD); and most recently as a lead financial analyst at Human Services Department (HSD). In taking the position as Communications and Marketing Charlycia is looking forward to serving the African American community of New Mexico.

Beverly A. Jordan portrait

Mercedes Turner

Capacity Building Coordinator

Mercedes spent her early childhood in Everett, Washington prior to moving to New Mexico in 1998. Raised by a single mother, she is the third in line among her brothers and a sister. She is also the proud aunt of two nephews and one niece. Mercedes moved to the Land of Enchantment with her family as an elementary school student. They came with nothing but a few suitcases and spent their first few month’s living at Albuquerque’s Joy Junction shelter. Mercedes watched her single mother struggle to make her way here and was motivated to become the first in her family to obtain a college degree. After graduating high school, Mercedes earned an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts from CNM. She then transferred to New Mexico Highlands University where she earned both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Social Work.

As a low-income first-generation college student herself, Mercedes was honored to work with the LNESC Upward Bound college prep program. She spent several years serving the students at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School, empowering and educating them to maximize their potential, pursue their college and career goals, and become the best versions of themselves. Mercedes is excited to continue her public service as the new Capacity Building Coordinator and is eager to serve the African-American community in New Mexico.

Beverly A. Jordan portrait

Phillip King

Events and Engagement Coodinator

Phillip is currently positioned as an Events and Engagement Coordinator for the New Mexico Office of African American Affairs. He has called New Mexico home since his father retired here in 1989 from active military service in the Air Force. He is a graduate of Highland High School, received his liberal arts associate degree from CNM, and his bachelor’s degree in elementary education from New Mexico Highlands University.

He is a former APS Classroom teacher with 10 years of experience teaching grades K-8. Utilizing and implementing cooperative learning, restorative justice, in his curriculum and instructional practices was a top priority. He served as his site instructional council chair, then, as the Albuquerque Teachers Federation union instructional council representative. Advocating for the basic needs of educators, students, and community, as an Albuquerque Teachers Federation site Fed-Rep, allowed him to have a voice in educational protocols. Phillip based his guiding principles on Maslow’s “5 hierarchy of needs”. Organized labor unionism/activism was key to discovering my next professional direction in advocacy for change in public education policies, and socio-economic reforms within our African American communities.

Phillip will be advocating for our African American communities established in our land of enchantment. Phillip will bring the skills and knowledge from his background in education and unionism to engage and influence the active political process that will benefit the Black/African American communities in New Mexico. Actively listening to community concerns, studying, researching, and analyzing qualitative/quantitative peer reviewed data for current and future programs, will inform the design, and implementation process. Building consensus within collaborative groups will be key to growing social capacity in New Mexico. Progress monitoring of the programs/policies will allow authentic and measurable growth in the areas identified by the African American community, and other marginalized groups.