The Pillars – November Edition

November Edition

A Mentor’s Perspective on Why Businesses Fail

Written by: Dar Johnson, Board Member of the African American Greater ABQ Chamber of Commerce/ SCORE Mentor...Click here to view Article.

The Important Role of Grandparents During Covid-19

Written by: Dr. Jack Taylor, Office of African American Affairs Education Team...Click here to view Article. 

 Personal Investmenst in Health 

Written by; Evelyn Rising Racial Justice Council…Click here to view Article.  

Economics of New Mexico

A Mentor’s Perspective on Why Businesses Fail

Unfortunately, too many businesses that start up fail – 25% in the first two years, after three 38% are gone, and 50% do not make it to 5 years. Now, while the reasons for failure are varied and diverse, there are a couple of reason that tend to appear the most...

Education of New Mexico

The Importance of Grandparents During COVID-19

According to the Center for Disease Control, about 3 percent of children nationwide live apart from their parents, and of those, nearly two-thirds are being raised by grandparents. Some 2.6 million grandparents are raising their grandchildren, either because of a temporary change in circumstances for the parents…

Health of New Mexico

Personal Investments in Health 

As October slowly disappears into November, you can use the monthly calendars as an instrument in being conscious of addressing health issues debilitating to African Americans. October is a constant reminder to schedule breast examinations…