Study, identify, and provide change by means of support, advocacy and resources relevant to the African American community.

Black History Month: Honoring the Past


Black Track: March 24, 2023

The Matriarch: Ruby Duncan Women's History Month The word matriarch commands respect. The first time I heard the term “matriarch” it was about Black...

Deep Bench: March 2023

Deep Bench | March 2023 Issue The Office of African American Affairs is proud to use our platform to recognize the many Black professionals...

The Pillars

March 2023 Edition Economic Development   Got Funding Lunch and Learn Financial Session Written by: Phillip King NM Office of African American...

Community Corner


We must go big or go home | By: Candace Bacchus Hollingsworth

On the For the People Act of 2021: We must go big or go home, was written by Candace Bacchus Hollingsworth, Co-Founder of Our Black Party. The editorial comments are provided by Erica Davis-Crump. She touches on the different aspects of the article and what it could potentially mean for Black New Mexicans. 

Data Hub 

The official launch of the Office of African American Affairs Data Hub. The Office of African American Affairs Data Hub is a repository of information that allows you to understand the Black population as it pertains to different indicators that affect the Black community.  To visit the Data Hub click here

Cornerstones of Entrepreneurship 

The Cornerstones of Entrepreneurship is a 5-part business series that provides multiple resources to help small Black owned businesses navigate NM. 



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