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A Celebration of Our Culture: Black History Today

Enjoy a 4-part series highlighting some amazing aspects of New Mexico from a Black Lens, which includes trivia, entertainment, and recognition of incredible individuals from all over New Mexico!

Part IV: Virtual Museum Tour








About the Event 

New Mexico has many amazing aspects that make it unique in comparison to the rest of the U.S.  The State Office of African American Affairs wants to highlight that uniqueness through providing a platform to acknowledge the amazing aspects of New Mexico from a Black lens.


In celebrating Black History Month and our culture we are providing a 4-part series, providing you with an in-depth look at the perspectives and stories of amazing individuals and groups throughout the state.  We will be highlighting individuals of all ages and backgrounds to give you a holistic understanding of the presence of Black people in New Mexico.


There will also be trivia and giveaways leading into the event!  We look forward to you tuning in, and we will have a special event to end the month on February 28th!


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The Series  

Part I

Education from a Black Lens

Listens to the different stories of Black students and faculty at universities throughout the state.

Part II

The Strength of Black Veterans in New Mexico

Listen to the amazing stories of the brave individuals who risked their lives in service for the empowerment of our community.

Part III

The Different Aspects of Black New Mexico

Observing the different aspects of New Mexico from the Black Farmers Association, to energy, to Black aspects of Balloon Fiesta.

Part IV

History on Wheels: Virtual Tour of the Black Mobile Museum

New Mexico’s own Black mobile museum will highlight some amazing artworks, and the artist who created them.